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The Cervelló Palace, Spain

45 minutes

The visit of the Residence of Kings during the 19th century, takes you back in time when Spanish royals roamed the luxurious ball room and libraries. Experience the palatial atmosphere of its rooms, the exhibition of part of the municipal archives, and a painting collection.

Lonja De La Seda, Spain

45 minutes

The Lonja de la Seda – the Silk Exchange - is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the center of the city of Valencia. Built in the 15th century, it served as a temple for Mediterranean traders. The building has an impressive architecture that combines moralistic and religious elements. Experience its dedicated spaces for treaty enforcement, commercial networking and trade.

Athens Hills, Greece

45 minutes

As all great ancient cities, Athens was built around seven hills. These hills have seen over three millennia of human advances – safe to say it is one of the most influential human settlements in history. This visit focuses on exploring three of these seven hills: get ready to visit the hill of Pnyx (where the ancient Athenians tested direct citizen-based democracy), the hill of Nymph (home to ancient temples and the National Observatory) and the hill of Philopappou (the resting place of the exiled Prince Gaius Julius Antichus Philopappos of Commagene).

Plaza De Espana, Spain

45 minutes

The plaza de España in Seville is a magnificent square with a decoration that combines Art Deco and Spanish Renaissance Revival, Spanish Baroque Revival and Neo-Mudéjar styles. Located at the Maria Luisa Park, this square was the dream of the visionary architect Aníbal González (1876 – 1929) who was tasked with the construction of this space to showcase a new conception of Spain after the loss of the American Empire. Our guide takes you on a tour encompassing both the grand panorama as well as the detailed mosaics.

Acropolis, Greece

45 minutes

Did you know that the Parthenon temple has a lot of hidden secrets? On our tour of the Acropolis we take you through more places than what meets the eye! Our guide will unravel for you the temple’s subtle secrets and architectural details of the ancient site to give you a better insight into the society of classical Athens.

Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, Spain

45 minutes

The Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, also known as Museu Saint Pius V, is an important art gallery founded in the 20th century. The gallery contains over 2,000 works of art, with a well-represented collection of pieces dating between the 14th and 17th century, including a self-portrait of Diego Velázquez, as well as paintings from El Greco, Goya, Gonzalo Perez and the Italian Renaissance master Pinturicchio.

Casa-Museo Benlliure, Spain

45 minutes

This is the family house of the famous Valencian painter José Benlliure (1855-1937), born into the most important family of artist in Valencia during the 19th century. This site of cultural interest contains the family home, restored to be shown as they originally were in its period of maximum splendor. The building also showcases a permanent art exposition dedicated to the works of the Benlliure family, as well as to the works of other famous Spanish painters such as Joaquín Sorolla, Muñoz Degraín and Santiago Rusiñol.

Casa-Museo Blasco Ibañez, Spain

45 minutes

This residence by the Mediterranean Sea was inhabited by the multifaceted politician, writer, journalist and screen writer Vicente Blasco Ibañez (1867 – 1928). He ordered the construction of this house to be his family leisure residence in 1902. Even though the original building entered in a period of architectural decay after the writer abandoned Spain as a political dissidents and died in the exile, this new reconstructed building offers a permanent exposition dedicated to the personal life and the most influential writings and artistic works made or inspired by Vicente Blasco Ibañez.

Palacio Marqués de Dos Aguas

45 minutes

Behind the stuccoed alabaster façade of the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas lies the National Museum of Ceramic and Decorative Arts “González Martí”. This cultural space combines the grandiosity of a neoclassical palace from the 15th century with one of the largest and most exhaustive collections of furniture, clothing, decorative paintings and ceramics that can be visited in Spain.

Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, Spain

45 minutes

The Pinacoteca of Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza is one of three most important museums on Madrid's Art Mile and its collection encompasses over 1,600 paintings from the 13th century to the XX century. The Museum has a significant collection of masterpieces from the most significant period, including a unique collection of 19th century American masterpieces that cannot be found in any other European museum.

The Gate of Apollo, Greece

45 minutes

The Portara – or the Great Door – is the main emblem of Naxos and its most significant landmark. The huge marble gate located in the islet of Palatia (at the entrance of the Naxos harbor) is the single remaining part of the unfinished temple of the Greek god Apollo constructed in the 6th century BC. This great door proudly greets seafarers and visitors of Naxos and its story are deeply intertwined with the history and the development of the island.

Voortrekker Monument, South Africa

45 minutes

This South African National Heritage site was built in the early 20th century to commemorate the Voortrekkers who left the Cape Colony in their thousands between 1835 and 1854 to settle other areas of what is now South Africa. Visit this monumental building with stylistic elements of Art Deco, located in the city of Pretoria, South Africa, to learn more about the country’s past and present.

Mandela House, South Africa

45 minutes

The Mandela House is a museum in Soweto in the South African metropolitan municipality of Johannesburg, dedicated to world-known resistance fighter and former President Nelson Mandela (1918-2013). Experience the place which Mandela later claimed to have given him an understanding of freedom. Here, you can witness history first-hand.

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