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Casa Museo Benlliure in Valencia (Spain)

45 minutes

Languages: Spanish , English

About the tour

The House-Museum Benlliure is located in the family house of one of the most diverse and influential families of artists in the city of Valencia. This building was more than a family residence, acting also a prominent artist studio and a gathering place for the Spanish intelligentsia of XIX and early XX century

Visitors to the museum would be able to choose between exploring the art and the studio of the famous painter and director of the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts, José Benlliure y Gil (1858 - 1937) ; or visit the family residence, filled with historical documents and pieces from the Benlliure family, as well as other famous Spanish painters such as Joaquín Sorolla, Muñoz Degraín and Santiago Rusiñol.

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Guided by Catalina Benito Mulet
Catalina is a passionate and enthusiastic official guide for the region of Valencia. She is an expert in Valencia's art, cutlture and history who conducts visits in Spanish and English.

You can find Catalina's website in the link down below.

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