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Hills in Athens (Greece)

Athens (Greece)

60 minutes

Languages: Greek, English, Italian , French

About the tour

As all great ancient cities, Athens was built around seven hills. These hills have seen over three millennia of human advances and history in which is probably one of the most influential human settlements in History. This visit focuses on exploring three of these seven hills: the hill of Pnyx (where the ancient Athenians tested direct citizen-based democracy), the hill of Nymph (home to ancient temples and the National Obvservatory) and the hill of Philopappou (the resting place of the exiled Prince Gaius Julius Antichus Philopappos of Commagene).

From the hills of Athens, visitors will learn more about the ancient and the modern history of Athens and its inhabitants, and they will also enjoy a privileged panoramic view of the Acropolis and the skyline of the city.

Guided by Smaro Touloupa
Smaro has over 20 years of experience mediating cultural heritage for prestigious institutions such as the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian. She is also a teacher and trainer in guiding and interpretation techniques with the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association (WFTGA).

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