Our mission is to bring culture to everyone

Meet Guided

Guided offers personalized and interactive museum and cultural heritage tours to everyone, everywhere. We are a young, innovative startup, working with organizations across the world to bring cultural experiences closer to people using technology.

Our online platform helps institutions, tour guides, as well as visitors during the crisis - enabling them to stay connected in a time when we need to stay separated.

The Solution

Guided connects a tour guide with a visitor with an interactive video call. That way, visitors can make decisions and the guide can focus on the things that are interesting to an individual.

Right now, we are building an online library of cultural tours and developing a platform for the best possible user experience.

Our Story

Guided's story goes back to April of 2020 with the start of Pan-European EUvsVirus Hackathon organized by the European Commission.

We came together as an international team from 10 countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Finland, Greece, North Macedonia, Portugal and United Kingdom.

We have won the challenge Social and Political Cohesion with our project GuideYourGuide, which we continue to this day under the name Guided.

Our future together with you

We wish to continue on our mission to bring cultural experiences to everyone. We at Guided are currently looking for organizations, museums, investors and tour providers that wish to work with us and offer their experience to online audiences. Our team has gathered expertise to build a flexible and scalable solution, now we want you to be a part of our story.

If you are an organization or a tour provider

Get in touch with us if you are interested in building a broad online audience and offering your guided tours on Guided. We will work with you closely to adjust our service to your organization and your guides. In this initial stage we are also interested in offers by possible investors.

If you are an individual

Our virtual tours are intended for you, and as a early customer you get to build and shape the final product together with Guided! You can test our services and guide the process to make it fit your needs. You can browse available tours and send us feedback.

Stay updated

Connect with Guided on social media to get updates on our latest tour offers and new features.

You can also contact us directly by sending us an email or messaging us on our social pages.